Sunday Morning Ride

9AM ride this Sunday at the Cob… PM for directions if needed.

I can’t say for sure, but I hope to make it out.

Planning on it at this point…
How is the new line comin along?

Definitely going to try to make this one! Really curious to check out that trail.

I was hoping to have the new trail finished but still needs some rungs screwed in place and some cobble/cinder blocks placed… :frowning:

Should be great conditions on the trail… hope y’all can make it out.

See you there

What a beautiful morning out there! Get out and enjoy God’s great outdoors… :slight_smile:

Great ride this morning! Thanx to the guys that made it out even though we devolved into three separate groups at the end… a good time had by all.

Got some treads on the new Deer Leg trail which allowed us to run a different line to the river trail… :sunglasses:

Thx for organizing it again Ken…and for the trail work. Nice little Group of Seven today. Lovin the Snakeline more and more each time.

Awesome ride this morning, thanks Ken! Snake line was super fun, anyone who has not checked out this trail system is missing out on a gem.
Nice to meet everyone today… I don’t remember any names but fun riding with you.

Wicked Ride! Thanks for the invite! Ill be coming out more for sure!!