Sunday @ The Cob

Going to be riding the Cob this coming Sunday morning at 9.

A couple of new trails to check out for the same price of admission as last year… :sunglasses:

I hope to make it out!

Me too.

Interesting ride today… the bridge on he main trail was dislodged and unusable because there was a stolen Ford F150 abandoned in the creek… the thieves must have beat and thrashed around to try and make it through, dislodging the bridge… at least they didn’t decide to torch the bridge or completely destroy it.

Trails were still a little spongy plus we rode three new trails so there was a bit of hike-a-biking going on… at least for a couple of us. :smiley:

How was Snake Line Jamieson?

Glad you and Derrick could make it out… :sunglasses:

Thanks for the tour Ken, and it was nice to meet you and Steven. Great job on those trails - tons of fun. I’ve got a pic of the truck that I’ll drop on the “pic from every ride” thread.

Cops know about the f150 yet?

It was a chev actually! Ken must have called after the ride as Derrick and I did an extra lap and bumped into a police officer on our way out and I pointed him in the right direction. He didn’t seem too enthusiastic about walking in to find the truck.

The snakeline was a blast as always, nice and fast!

Turns out it was some local who did it to his own truck… cops gave him 2 days to get it out.

Jeff Foxworthy would be proud… :sunglasses: