In hopeful anticipation of Pedal Trout’s Weekly group ride (sponsored by Sportswheels :wink: ) choosing the Cob as next weeks destination, I’m going to be spending a few hours getting things prime for the ride as well as start armouring and berming on some trails. Any and all trouters that are able to come out and lend a hand would be great… bring your bike and bike a little, work a little… or just come out and ride!

Anyways, I’ll be somewhere on the trail between 7am and 2pm… hope to see you out.

Theres a bike festiva in Kentville, you should take the day off and go for a ride :wink:

No rest for the weary… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m so stoked about the Shaw donations that all i can think about is getting them in place…

This trail building thing is addictively consuming… I may need an intervention at some point…lol

I doubt you will get anyone here in the intervention group, rather just more encouragement and huge kudos for your work!