Tags on McIntosh

Anyone know what these tags are for? @Lawrence?

A pile of them on the east end of Lou’s, down the fire escape and toward flat lake.


There’s also orange markings spray painted on the granite in a number of places.

Yes noticed that too. And also orange flagging tape from the old entrance all the way to the Halifax rock.

I have no idea who is doing any of this marking. No one has contacted MRWA or HRM Parks about an event, that I know of.
The orange paint appeared a week ago. Hopefully it is at least water soluble…

If any readers have insight into these markings, feel free to send a private message.


I initially thought a Hash House Harriers club but I’m not sure if there is a club here and I’ve never seen them use anything other than chalk to mark their trail.

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There are a few trail running clubs around, but from what I know of them, they are pretty respectful of the trails and trail associations.

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Yes… :grin: in Asia it was always Running Hashes leaving paper trails, plastic labels, and paper staples to leaves to make the trail…

I had no idea this was a thing. Had to do a wiki search

Hash House Harriers


Didn’t a bunch of these markers and paint show up a few years ago too? I think there might have even been some at Whopper a while back too.

Males are harriers, women harriettes and children are known as horrors lol.
I can vouch for the horrors from time to time lol


Ha, hash house harriers. I have a t shirt of theirs from Toronto. Thrift shop score.

lol, I’ve done a few hash house runs for beer two millenia ago.
It was always marked with chalk or chalk powder though.

Paint marks (arrows, letters etc) have appeared in the past too. I think some were from RC car folks.
Hopefully Teddy takes care of the recent orange markings.


Running then Beer and that’s about it for Hashes :grin: We did bike hashes in Malaysia which were mtb rides then beer and much more fun. :beer: Some people brought BBQs and stopped to cook dinner mid ride (in a 2-3hr ride) :joy:

These harriers have something to learn. It’s all about the beer mile.

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These aren’t trail markers that I am familiar with. Nor Is it a system I have seen using tags and paint on the ground. I also have concern that they snapped the branch to hang a tag. This goes against the “leave no trace” principle that is taught.

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I assumed these were HRM markings because they use the same orange paint when marking roads. Would be nice to know for sure why they’re there though.