The Catholic Church

i totally agree… it must obviously have something to do with it. I think they should change the rules but will they?Probably not. Something needs to be done.

With the current new stories about the Catholic Church I wonder if they’ll reconsider their position on celibacy for clerics. How many other members of the clergy are guilty of sex crimes that we just don’t know about yet. It’s all very sad.

we were actually talking about this at work today

I said I wonder if there is a corelation between Catholic Priest not being able to marry or be in a relationship and the molestation

It sems to be very prevalent with the catholic chruchbut I do not recall hearing anythong about other religions having the same issues

I don't think that would make a difference, it goes deeper than that- to prey on kids. Its about control and power. They wouldn't get off the same way out of having a normal adult relationship as they do in their sick fullfillment they get from abusing kids. They're repressed individuals, probably brought up in shameful and strick environment, probably abused in someway themselves by the church.

although that said, lifting the ban on sex & marriage would essentially be less repression by the church.

less oppression = less repression

I think Matt has a point, though. You really don’t hear much about abuse by Baptist ministers or Salvation Army leaders… it seems to be a Catholic phenomenon (I’m not saying it never happens in other denominations but it doesn’t seem to be an ongoing theme.) Maybe little boys are the only people Catholic priests have easy access to. I think that they’ve gotten away with it for as long as they have because they are preying on the group they have the highest power over.

I wouldn’t go as far to say that it’s a magic cure all pill but I also do not think you can ignore the fact that is so much more commong with catholic priests than any other denomination

maybe the lack of adult relationship attracts some of theses types that can not have a ‘normal’ adult relationship

just an extremely disturbing correlation