The Christmas Spirit (Two wheeled version)

I give the credit to R. He had the idea and I merely was able to provide a few bits and pieces to finish it off.

One of our Pedaltrouters contacted me today about a project that got my juices flowing. Seems one of their neighbours had run into some bad luck with the theft of all the Christmas presents that were destined for under their tree this year. Amongst the gifts was a shiny bicycle for their young child. This little fella is always riding the neighbours kids’ bikes and had asked specifically for Santa Clause to bring him his own bike.

Well, it just wasn’t right that any child be denied a bike for Christmas. The Pedaltrouter contacted me with a plan. With some used parts and some ingenuity this young fella was going to get a bike. We cleaned the parts, put a fresh coat of paint on the bike, did the reassembly and even put on some sick stickers to make the bike look like as new as possible.

Here is the result:

There is going to be one happy kid in HRM on Christmas Day! The parents were very excited when they saw the bike. Huge props to person who made it happen!

Fantastic!!! A million
billion good Karma points for all those involved

Awesome. Very Awesome.

Sick. As.

Love it guys. Good on ya.

Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Great job!