The Crash Thread

Chris’ comment on crashing reminds me of the crashes I’ve done on my rides. So here it is. Share your crash stories. They can be mountain biking, road, DJ or whatever.

Here’s one to get us started: I was riding home one day, and decided to make a left turn on Oxford St., one street before Quinpool. I had to wait for traffic, so I was pseudo-trackstanding with my front wheel turned. I had a gap, and went to pedal, but my chain slipped, so I fell on the handlebars, side-loaded the front wheel, causing it to taco. I endo-ed in the middle of the street. Fortunately no cars were nearby - I could easily have been run over. The only wound was to my pride.

Okay so one day (year or so ago) Rockhopper and I were at the Playground in Whopper and I decided to ride down the big rock across from the bridge that comes into the Playground. RH rode down this segment of rock then instructed me as to how t0 ride down this portion of the rock. I approached the segment, got off and behind my saddle and was doing great but as I was rolling down this rock, I failed to lift myself back up over the saddle resulting in me and the bike tumble onto the granite rock. The bike was fine, I was scraped up a bit but not badly because I had shin pads on and no tears were shed. On another occasion I was able to ride down that segment of rock but haven’t done it since.

Just look at the crash pictures on my Facebook. I’ll elaborate at a better hour of the night another day. Lots of good ones.

Crashed a couple of times tonight. One of them was off the boulder at Whopper that has the two ramps on either side of it. One ramp is getting loose and unstable. I was almost on top of the boulder when the ramp shifted and my rear wheel came off. I possibly could have ridden it out, but I was worried I’d go over backward, so I elected to bale off to the side. No major damage, but lots of scrapes on my arm.

Scary to see RH falling of that rock but grateful that he wasn’t seriously hurt.

I was riding some the single track just past Lawrencetown beach. Coming down a long steep hill, I was picking up too much speed, and I tried to feather the rear brake to scrub off some speed. But the hill was grassy and still had dew on it, so my back tire slid out. I landed hard with my ankle underneath me, twisted in an unnatural way. It was tough 2 kms ride back to the car, thankfully I could ice my ankle in the ocean. That was one week ago tomorrow and after lots of rest, ice and elevation, I can walk with a lot less pain. Still it will be a long time before it will be 100%. Ugghhh I miss my bike so much!

Last winter we had a few days of rain then a cold snap that froze
the ground again. Desperate to get out for a ride i headed out to
whopper (up from fire road off BLT trail). I had a awesome ride
considering the condition and was pretty stoked on the way home.

The fire road was frozen mud from the jeep club caravan that rode
through earlier. Pretty good traction so I was bookin’ as I
normally do in summer. I ramped off this pile of rocks and landed
on a patch of ice. The bike gave out from under me and I flew
forward and landed hard on the frozen ground. I remember that it
felt like a slow motion video of soft object (me) hitting a hard
surface and conforming to it with a splat.

I also remember lying there for a while doing that functional
check list we do of our body parts. All ok except for a twisted
or pulled muscle in my lower back whick was sore for a couple of