The End of Race Face?

there was a lengthy post on another forum saying it was several factors that contributed to thier demise

it’s sad because they did have some good products and they were canadian

Guess the push to enter the MEC market didn’t pay off for Race Face.
It appears they are going into liquidation mode.

I heard that today as well. I hope for their sake that MEC can keep them doing something, but it looks too late.

That’s too bad, I have always enjoyed having Race Face components on my bikes.

tis a shame. I hope light and motion does not go the same way as they made a similar market move as Race Face did.

Light&Motion is serving us well. They have a good product and are on top of their game. It’s sad to see RaceFace go, but only in the sense that it’s bad for the people involved.

Light&Motion has got to have the worst customer service I have dealt with to date. That says alot considering I own a dell computer. They would rather avoid contact or answering e-mail, than meeting the issues head on. It was something simple but that will make me consider who I buy my next light from.

Weird, have you tried this ?

That is where I sent the email to and they were quick to respond and tell us it is not their fault for the brokerage fee because we didn’t order the light through them. The offered to sell me a light directly from their website with a guarentee that there would not be the same fee. When I told them I bought through them straight from their website, from the exact same link he had sent, the emails stopped. Several attempts to inqire further went unanswered.

Either way, Race face is done and that is a shame because it was not due to their product. Like mentioned above, a decision or two in marketing and who they would supply their product to sounds like it couild have played a part.