The Evolution of a couple of my bike builds

I generally have a few bikes hanging around and they are often being tweaked with a newer piece. Here are the two latest projects that I wrote about in my blog:

When I got it:

[attachment=3]2005 Schwinn 40th Anniversary Cruiser (1) (800x600).jpg[/attachment]

Now (90% rebuilt):

[attachment=2]2005 Schwinn 40th Anniversary Cruiser 14 (800x600).jpg[/attachment]

CCM 29er:

When I got it:

[attachment=1]2012 CCM 29er (1) (800x600).jpg[/attachment]

Now (90% done):

[attachment=0]2012 CCM 29er (5) (800x600).jpg[/attachment]

Re the CCM : Canadian tire should really display every bike with the seat jacked up proper. I’ve had enough of seeing these kids riding around with slammed seats for no reason. They both look great!

Great job on the Schwinn transformation! Never would have thought it was the same bike…

Dude, the 29er screams for flat bars and a flipped stem. I also can’t wait to cruise Sackvegas with you on the Schwinn. Will be a sick X-mas parade bike as well.