The great ratchet shoe adjustment

I figured I’d share this fix just in case anyone else runs into same problem.
Okay, the patient is a Men’s Pearl Izumi Charge R1, but this might work with other brands that use ratchets.

The problem was by the time the ratchet actually engaged, the strap was so tight over my instep that it created some pain, thankfully numbing within a few minutes.

(Of course, I figure the whole ratchet system might be a design flaw, but that’s an aside.)

The PI system provides no method to A) lengthen the strap or B) move the ratchet closer to the top of the shoe. Basically, the shoes are wonderful and in my case, 42.5 is a very difficult size to find. So I was willing to try different things to relieve the pressure - from tucking the strap beneath the tongue to taping it with hockey tape!

After a couple of months, I got creative and found a couple of 4mm wood screws - long enough to drill into the plastic material, but without going through the shoe. That way I was able to move the ratchet enough to actually be able to adjust the strap!

And there ya have it. If I decide to sell the shoes down the road, I would tell interested buyers about the mod, and they can always move the ratchet back.