The new gore

hey was looking at the events calendar and saw that there have been some big changes to the gore endurance race for this year.first of the race will be shortened to six hours. this suits me just fine as thee last two hours have been nothing but pain suffering and survival. by the six hour mark most of the real racing has been sorted out among the zippy folks and the rest of us just want to sit back and enjoy a cold beverage, hey its a carb loading recover drink. still it’s going to be the longest event in the maritime and will work with teams of three, two or all hard core like as a solo rider. so that is all good but the perhaps the bigger change will be that the race it’s self will be held on saturday leaving sunday as a much more social and relaxing day. can you imagine what the party saturday night will be like this year with the race all ready completed. i may have to camp out friday night and get drunk just so that racing on saturday with a wicket hangover will feel normal for gore.

I like this cause by the end of things it drags on so bad. just lingering for prizes when everyone wants to be home recovering :slight_smile: