The old slickrock trails

yeah there was some talk last year about the old trails. i went for a hike thru the area and while most of the trail is still there to some degree there is a ton of roots and what not. the bottom line is there would be way to much work required to try and get these trails into any kind of rideable shape. take your young one up to spider lake for sure if you are looking at doing a ride in dartmouth.

Anyone know if the old slickrock trails in Portland Estates are still rideable in places? I want to take my son riding this weekend in Dartmouth. Any other suggestions would be great as well. Directions to any others would help as well since we are from down in the valley.

I don’t know if those are still rideable, however Spider Lake would be an awesome place to check out. There are directions and maps in the Trails section.

this was a topic of discussion a while back. not sure if the rumors are true or not. some of the slick rock trail may have been cleared up a couple of summers back. the stuff by the lake and the stuff by the end of the runway. the rest is gone.