The Return of Grunter!

Thanks Sarah, we’ll be in touch for sure. The offer is much appreciated.

You may remember that our Ellershouse trail system called Grunter fell under the chainsaw a few months ago. I saw the beginning of the carnage on the first or second day of cutting and although I’ve been tempted to go back and check it out, I haven’t been able to even think about it without feeling sick to my stomach. We put a LOT of hours into those trails.

Today we finally mustered up the courage to go assess the damage. I expected our trip would end up being nothing more than a fireroad walk with the dogs. We entered the trail at the bottom and within minutes, climbed the hill and faced the first spot that I had seen the crews cutting. As we stepped into the clear cut, Troy noticed something very unusual. A line of orange ribbons proceeded through the clear cut on a pathway of trees that had been left standing. We followed the ribbons and discovered that someone had flagged off our trail and, for almost the entire length of the every trail we built, left it untouched! The downhill section has, unfortunately, been mangled and it will have to be rebuilt, however the new landscape provides some potential to buid in some more switchbacks to increase the length and flow. I would say that 80% of the entire trail system will be rideable again with a couple of cleaning up sessions.

Needless to say, my faith in humanity has been greatly boosted! The fact that someone took the time to mark our trail and went out of their way to cut around it left me grinning today from ear to ear. Sometimes, apparently, miracles DO happen! I seriously feel like Christmas just came early.

Merry Christmas indeed! That is awesome to hear.

See the big Christmas time grin on Sue’s face!!
Very awesome!!

That is so odd. I’m happy yet intrigued. Make the best of it!

That is most excellent!! Probably the best Christmas gift ever for you and Troy!!!

You should have seen the grin on me when I realized that someone had ribboned off pretty much the whole trail. I still can’t believe it!

awesome news

That is great news. Let me know when you are doing some clean up and i will see what i can do to help.