The Wolfville Roubaix

I’ll have to make sure I’m not on call but as long as I’m free or can switch weekends with someone I’ll be there to hold on to the pain trian as long as I can

I have already heared the smack talk and have seen the excitement in a few riders eyes as talk of the annual Wolfville Roubaix draws near.
Myself, I have never partaken in the event, but the excitement of an unsactioned, winner gets the bragging rights type of road race really peaks my interest.
My understanding of this event is that it begins at a casual pace with lots of chatter and leg shaving tips for the first 30 km, and then in the blink of an eye the pace hardens for the next 50 km to the finish to crown the winner.
How can an event like this not draw everyone. If you ride a bike on the road you must try this, even if it is just for the easy first 30. Myself, I plan on filling up at MacDonalds on the way there and creating a vomitscreen of sausage MacMuffins after my first pull at the front. Then after all have been distracted I will cruise on for the win… at least that is how it plays out in my dream anyway.
I have heard rumors that it will be on April 18th. I think the organizing commmittee is meeting at a secret location to finalize the date, and plan the weather forecast for the chosen day.
This should be a lot of fun. Who’s going?