Well I was out in the woods today and picked up my first tick of the year. I felt it hours later crawling up my leg. Luckily just a wood tick and not a black-legged tick that can carry Lyme Desease. So here’s a reminder to check yourself after a ride, especially if you’ve been in some brush or tall grass.

Where were you? And very timely reminder!

Found one on me the other day as well. Dirty buggers!

West Hants,
It looks like it’s turning out to be a bad tick year, I found 2 more on me and one on my son this morning and we were just doing some gardening at my house. We never had ticks on the property before. I’ve got the tick tweezers sharpened and ready now!
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pick 'em and flick 'em

like boogers

I’ve been working in Wolfville lately, and none so far…

Yet another reason to BMX… LOL.

Yeah, I’ll still MTB as well, just in a more paranoid state.

If I had a nickel for every tick that sucked my blood! I’d buy a Derailleur and a beer.

Just one beer?

if I scrapped the derailleur, I could afford more than one beer.