Tipsy Toad Grove cycling team

A great display of Endurance at the Links today.
The critters are very happy to announce the awesome showing of fitness, skill, and talent during today’s race.
Aaron Perrot finished first in the B Category, while Keith Croucher took the second best time in the A category.
Awesome job guys. I can still hear the goats cheering from their stalls!!

I have some POV footage with Aaron piloting his bike through the second course of the race.

It was a great race and Ryan and Michelle did a fantastic time organizing the race. Great course, great organizing and great folks who attended today. If someone has a link to results they would be great to see here.

Congrats to both Aaron and Keith! :slight_smile:

Keith did awesome in A, for sure. It was a fun race. I love how we are sponsored by a poultry processor, and my medal was a chicken. Great race, close finishes and good bacon.

Picture of the results… … =1&theater