Tipsy Toad Grove cycling team

Hey gang!
Just wanted to let you know that Tipsy Toad Grove will be sponsoring a race team for the 2013 season.
We give thanks to one of our partners, PedalTrout who will have a rightful place on our team kit.
If you want to race this year and would like a healthy incentive to do well and have fun, then this is the team for you.
I will have a final price on the kits soon, (there will be shorts included) once we finalize all the corporate sponsors.
We would like to see people racing road, xc and cyclocross this season. If you have a desire to have fun, and smile lots and want to be a part of the team PM me.
Also, if you just want to wear this cool kit while out enjoying the feel of two wheels that is cool too. Same drill, pm me to make arrangements.
This will be a cycling club, which means a giant grass fed BBQ at the end of the season!! For all members!!

I’m diggin the groceries in the back pockets.

Finalizing the last of the spaces and hope to have the final version ordered within the week.

Looks great guys!! Well done.

Side note: how does one contact Tipsy Toad Grove? Do you have an email address?

[quote=“TrailFlow”]Looks great guys!! Well done.

Side note: how does one contact Tipsy Toad Grove? Do you have an email address?[/quote]

You can contact us via,, me here, or find myself or Sue on Facebook.

We are registered, the jersey’s are being finalized and the team is growing.
If you want to purchase a really cool jersery or be a part of this team let us know.
One race, or the whole season, and any style of rider and skill level welcome.

Many, Many thanks to our supporters!
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Nice, you really rounded out the farm team with some farm sponsors. Too bad you didn’t get the Co-op, Shur-Gain or maybe Withrow’s, that really would have topped it off. I never thought I’d ever see a slaughterhouse sponsor on a cycling jersey. I take my birds to Cogmagun they are really nice people and do a great job.

We tried Shurgain, but they didn’t see the value. We have found that Withrow’s quality, does not meet the same standards as ours so we didn’t bother asking. The Co-op we did not ask as we do not patronize them very often.
We are very happy with the folks who came on board. All our partners share our visions and goals for a better future, which is the balance we were looking for.

I can’t believe you got PedalTrout as a sponsor! :wink:

The shorts.

These kits are super cheap, so if you want some new cycling gear and want a great deal get in on the order.
$40 a jersey and $50 for a pair of shorts… the whole kit for just $90!

Looks awesome!!!

I’ve responded on FB already about wanting one, but gotta say these look sharp!

We now have added baggy jerseys to the mix, plus you can get race cut or club cut classic jerseys as well.
It is $48 for the baggy, $40 for the classic. $50 for shorts.
The deadline for orders is Friday at noon. Pm me here, or email me at
I will send you a size guide if you need to find a fit.
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That’s some good looking kit, are you going to announce a team roster?

As soon as we get the kits and take the team photo.
But I can tell you this much already. For a farm team, there is a lot of talent!