Tire chains vs. studs

Anyone have any experience with tire chains as an alternative to studs? These chains look like a viable option:


They look interesting. I’ve never seam anyone using them though.

I’m guessing they would be heavier, less predictable and could fail or get caught up.

Very interesting!

Not sure I would trust them under hard cornering. regular trail riding though I am sure they would be okay.

Before Tom and Geoff’s ice race, I was debating making a set of these over studs for Sue’s bike. They look really easy to make, but in the end cost more than sheet metal screws and lost out.
I think that they would give you good traction on a straight course, but with any turns you would be at a disadvantage.
For general commuting I think they would be great though. I may, in the end make a set to put in my panniers for emergency winter commuting use.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/11544279@N02/sets/72157611458557896/with/3124369355/ Follow this link for a great photo set for DIY ice chains.