Tire pressure, what are you running?

From an XC point of view we’ve always run more in front and less in back. Less in back to aid climb traction and more in front to keep the tire on the ground and avoid it squirming around in corners. People still do this. We’re not talking a huge difference between the two, say 32 front and 30 rear kinda deal. Higher pressures back in the day before tubeless.


I’m running high pressures this summer . . . 12.
Slightly higher in the front also.

I usually have 30 psi never more than 35 psi in my 26" 2.35 Minions for XC riding.

After lots of experimentation, and one dinged rear rim, I’ve settled on 18ish lbs rear and 15ish lbs front on my 27.5+ tires. Still lots of compliance, no squirm and amazing traction.

Looking for some help with this. I’m pretty sure I used to ride with really low tire pressure (like 10 psi?) because I find it difficult to control the front end of my bike over roots. Especially on the downhills. This is where I get even further behind when everyone speeds off and I try not to wipe out! I think my tires are 26 inches (26 x 2.10?), with tubes. I’m small (under 120 lbs) and not an aggressive rider.
Is low tire pressure a reasonable strategy here or is it more about skill development?

@Kristin 10lbs would be really low. Everyone rides a little different and it is a preference for sure.

I ride 29 x 2.4 front and rear and tubeless. I find it dialed in if I run 26lbs both front and back

On my fattie which is 26 x 4.8, I ride 8lbs front and back so if you are at 10 psi then that is going to get very squirly for sure. You’ll be changing pinch flats forever

Pump them up to 30 and go for a ride. If you don’t like it you can always let out a few psi on the trail and try it again

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Being a 250 pound 6 foot 5 mountain biker tire pressures get well interesting.

2.4 Ardent Front gets 27 psi and 2.2 ikon 28 to 29 psi with the possibility of some near rim dings and roll in berms.

2.6 forkaster front 24 psi, 2.6 forkaster rear 27 psi. Anything lower and my wheel needs trued after each riden

This is an interesting article:

The compare a hand full of different riders and list their weights and pressures.


I’ve found dropping my tire pressure has actually made me faster on several sections of trail.
Im now at 22psi rear and 20psi front with a vittoria airliner installed in the back. Minion 29x2.3 front and back, 225lb rider. If I wasnt running an insert I’d definitely be higher in the back


If I was your weight I probably would try 20psi to start with.

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If your not getting flats all the time and the tires don’t feel squirmy you’re tire pressure isn’t too low.


I’m running 25 psi front and rear with 29" exo casing tires. I’m 190ish pounds with my riding kit on. If I’m riding bike park I’ll pump that up a bit. When I was racing xc I ran 30+ psi. I did a hot and dry 24 hour solo race at 35 psi with Maxxis Ikons, they rolled crazy fast at that pressure.

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Helpful. Thanks!

Thanks, everyone, for your input.

Agressor R@26.5
Assegei F @21.5



18Psi wild enduro 25Psi wild am. Will increase or drop psi deleting on wet or dry conditions.

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I weigh 235-240 plus pack which probably adds 10-20 lbs. On my 26’er I typically ran 35-40psi to avoid pinch flats. 40 was probably a little high as the tire would bounce off stuff a bit, but there were summers where I would pinch flat regularly, like every time the bike left the ground.

On my 27+ bike performance seems to be more sensitive to pressure. Under 13 psi the bike starts to feel squirmy and I start hitting the rim. 13-16 psi seems to work well for trail riding. I go up to 20psi for crusher dust or easy rides.

Do you find that your plus tires squirm under sideload at those pressures? That was my experience with Grid casing Specialized tires, I had to run 22-24 psi to keep them from rolling over during high speed turns

I don’t feel squirm at 15 psi or above. At 20 psi, they feel pretty hard and start to bounce off stuff rather than soak it up.

I ran two different models of plus tires with thin casings and I didn’t like either. I’m not running exo+ casings on 40mm rims and I find them night and day over the flimsier options. I also found too much pressure resulted in undamped rebound.