To stomp or not to stomp?

what did i tell you, heh, went for a casual ride on saturday around shubie and there was next to no snow. i think i’m going out for a rip in the actual woods tommorow evening, especially if the temps dip below zero tonight \tommorow. ahhh as much fun as packed snow trails are, i’m excited to roll my tires over roots and rocks.

this year we snowshoed/stomped out our trail. since we got this last blast of snow the debate is, should we restomp it and have our private playground til the end of winter, or not stomp it and have it melt really quick come spring time and get back to working and riding the trail quicker. the trail is usually one of trails to thaw out first come spring time also. any opinions?

I see a dilema. On one hand it is super fun to get out on the Spring single track. On the other it’s a blast to pack down some powdery goodness, let it freeze and then rip it up on two wheels.
I look at it like this. I find that stomping the trail makes a better trail in the long run so I never worry about the thawing time. There are always a lot of fire roads to cruise until the sun comes out.

stomp it. not only will you get out for the shoe but you will provide yourself with some riding if the conditions work in your favor. on the flip side by stomping the trail now you are not going to put more than a day or two extra into the thaw process.

Spring singletrack is often sloppy in these parts anyway so I’d think the longer the ice stays on top the better - preferable for it to thaw quickly when the weather is drier than to stay mucky for a long time. And given that you never know how long winter will last around here you might as well use the trail for whatever you can, snowshoeing included.

Tis a great day for stomping . I just got back from a shoe. The snow is very, very packable!!

there shouldn’t be much slop come spring time, we kind of went over board armouring the trail during last fall’s fudge season. to the point of some of it probably won’t be needed once things dry out come sping / summer time. that definatly isn’t a worry. i don’t know, probably have to discuss it with the fellow trolls and come up with a solution. maybe use sledding wood in for future endevours as an excuse to get her stomped out again, we’re around the corner from deciding if we should build a loop or throw together some stunts in a pretty fun area. plus randies has been good to go on a consistant basis if we don’t. thanx

let it pour, come on mother nature, work with me. if the rain keeps up like this, there won’t be any snow left by monday, and by next weekend we’ll be back to working and riding. i’m glad we didn’t get out to stomp, it would’ve been sensless, seeing how the temps have been pretty warm over the past few weeks. i’m getting excited. plus i got a new bike to destroy, i’m chomping at the bit to get some saddle time.