Tour de Gore - Aug 15 and 16

Sounds like a friggin’ good time!


See you there!


Convinced my daughter Zoe to join me for an afternoon visit, so see you all there!


Tomlin boys heading out mid-afternoon for a night of riding and antics.

Son #1 asking if there’ll be a fire jumping comp? I told him Covid prevents timed competitions so it’ll just have to be a judged on style.


Good times with good folks in Gore! Trails were buff, beer was cold, bonfire was raging.


Sooooo much goodness!
Thank you to all who organized, volunteered or supported!


That was a fun time. I didn’t see any naked people, or anybody passed out in the fire.


Saving that for 2021!


Was just going to comment “hope to make it next year”

Amazing weekend! My thanks too to all of those who contributed to this great success.


Hey folks,
Finally caught up on my sleep!!!
So that was fun.
We didn’t really start organizing the Festival/poker run til 3 weeks ago and it did turn into something!!!
I believe fun was had by all.
The crowd was bigger than I expected.
Next year will be bigger and better because a non competitive event is what people seem to want.
We had a gaggle of Groms running around having a blast.
I had Max, Felix and Zephyr helping me along the way.
Can’t wait til next year.


Thanks for all your work in this event and over the years at Gore. It is certainly appreciated.

Shout out to the Blois family for allowing cyclists to use their land.


Thanks for all your hard work! It was a great weekend. I think it would still be cool to have some sort of race event included but it wouldn’t have to be the main focus of the event. Perhaps having any sort of race event is too much work to be included if it isn’t the main focus.

It would be cool to bring together both crowds of the mountain bike scene the recreational trail riders (plenty of who can rip) and the XC racers of the area, with events that interest both groups.

That’s why there’s Strava

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In normal years I host a cross country point series race at Empire trails.
If I was going to include a race in a festival weekend it would not be a cross country race. It would be an Enduro or DH and it would be done with Strava so I would not have to deal with timing and commissaires on top of everything else.
It will be run differently 2nd time around with more time allocated for each part of the weekend.


As many know I’m a big fan of racing on two wheels but I think the events need to maximize the participation and enhance the vibe of the event and I don’t know that that’s best accomplished with timed events.

Timed events, whether they be XC, DH, Enduro aren’t going to deliver any surprises- the fastest riders will remain the fastest riders. Those events need to be done out in the woods away from the spectators, the supporters and are both time/effort intensive for the organizer.

I see great potential for some events like a wheelie contest, a dirt jump jam, a big air whip off, a slowbike trackstand race, and of course a haybale crit when the sun goes down. All of these are viewable by everyone in the pit area and close to where it’s all happening (and close to the coolers). They’re inclusive and super fun for all ages.