Trail Conditions in the Valley?

Wondering how dry things are up there for Gorge, Reservoir, Links, etc.

Thinking about possibly heading up over the weekend…

Gorge is mostly dry, but it hasn’t been cleaned out this year, so it’s pretty leaf filled in spots. Might be hard to find your way through if you aren’t familiar with the trails. One or two trees down in a few spots.

P2/Upper P2/Endorphin/Pumphouse/Birds is good to go. Scoliosis is a muddy mess at the top and should be avoided. One large tree down on P2.

Links was great when we rode it two nights ago. Just the same thing as the gorge, leafy in spots with some low branches. No stopping for down trees anywhere. Gravity is smooth sailing top to bottom.

Can’t comment on Reservoir park as I haven’t been there this season.

hope that helps.

Great info…

Thanks for the reply…