Trail conditions

time to start the winter riding conditions thread. we all know how the conditions in winter can change a trail from day to day so lets try and keep each other informed. hearing that wrandees and spider are all right while gore is got to much snow to ride.

Very timely! I was thinking this was necessary the other day. Riding in the winter can really help handling skills and is just a blast in general.

Definitely my favorite time of the year to ride. I wonder how Spider Lake will be tomorrow (Saturday)

The loop at Second Lake was mint. Just enough walkers in single file to make it a pretty fast little course! It’s only 1.5km’s roughly, but laps are a hoot on it. All those little rollers are now jumps instead of just rhythym sections.

Will be doing Spider Lake at 9:30 (?) tomorrow morning. Does anyoone know what it’s like there? I agree with riderx. This is my favorite time of the year to ride.

Nothing like crusty snow, -10, a light snowfall, and a helmet light (or sometimes not) after 8:00 at night. Especially if there are no other tread track on the trail. It’s like you are the only person on Earth.

And that, my riding brothers and sisters, is EXACTLY why I love mountain biking.


just back in from a night mission. wrandees is rideable but only a bare minium there are tracks over to the island that is not an island but only one route has been traveled. as well there are enough patches of ice to make the studs worth while. on the other hand jimmys round top was soliod snow and very rideable.

I so want to do Jimmy’s this year. Always hear about it, but never ridden it yet. Should gear up a big ride. Are studs required for that one? Mostly only for frozen water, in my case. I run knobs even on the glazed hardpack, but nothing bites sheer ice like the steel!

Spider was good today if you stayed on trail where others had packed it down a little. Inner Peace was tough but Ribbon and Replicator were mint. A light dusting tonight amd cold temperatures would make it even better

Thinking about Whopper tomorrow. How do you think it would be?

Icy, off camber, if anything like years gone by. Also known as fun, with studs. Might be packed good by walkers, though.

Yeah I was thinlking with lots of foot traffic and fresh snow it would be packed

heard there will be traffic at spiderlake in the morning thinking of going in later in the morning to take advantage of others hard work.

When are you heading out Muddy/Tommyboy? I want to get out tomorrow for a ride/snowshoe/whatever is going on…

zippy folks are slared for 9.30 then the winter biking leage at 10 we are going sometime after that? waste of time to bring your shoes the snow is way to hard at this point for that to be any fun.

Heading to Whopper for 9:30 Sunday morning. Come on out and ride

Wrandees is amazing. I’ve ridden it four out of the last five days/nights and the trail is well packed with great traction and very little ice. The pipeline isn’t frozen yet so we mostly stick to the NW-Arm Drive side.
Maybe a little late for those riding early today. Enjoy it while you can!

Good to hear Wrandees is conditions are good (thanks). This will be my ride this afternoon.

Whopper was snow covered and rideable but you have to be prepared to spin and spin and spin. There was one lone bike track, one set of foot prints and many rabbit tracks. The rock garden was mostly rideable. The powerline had deep ruts from a 4 wheeler that were frozen ice so that part was discouraging. All of the granite was rideable with a little work. There we three of us so we blazed a bit of a trail but I suspect our next ride will be at Spider Lake where it is more packed.

Overall, considering it is January in the frigid, frozen tundra of Nova Scotia it was a FANTASTIC ride

the spider lake conditions are very very good right now on certian trails.there has seen a ton of traffic out the skulltrail. you can go all the way out to the lake major loop and even do a little more to lake major if you want but it eventualy gets rough. the ribon of love is fast fast fast. the rep loop is good as well as the main road up so take your pick. inner piece has seen little to no traffic, the humps are more churned up and a bit of a tough ride. stay on the high traffic stuff and you are going to have a mighty fine ride.

Hope it stays like that until the new beast arrives!

Any word on that trail out to the pipeline and parts of the ATV trails out at Spider?