Trail suggestions

The girlfriend is trying to get into mountain biking Never has really done it before just wondering if anybody can suggest a nice flowy trail With minimal rocks and roots

Withing HRM? MacIntosh Run or Brunello is a close as you’re going to get to “flowy” in an actively maintained trail system. They both have rocks and roots though.

You won’t find mountain bike trails (sanctioned or not) without rocks or roots in HRM, it is mountain biking after all.

Norawarren is good for a beginner. Rocks and roots but not the bumpy kind, if you know what I mean

Best to stay on Rails to Trails. I took my wife to NoraWarren last week and it didn’t go so well. Not really a green trail.

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We go on the rails for trails all the time she’s got that down lol Looking for entry-level mountain biking tral. trying not to kill her

There were a bunch of women’s specific MTB skills sessions at The Railyard in Truro over the summer. Those trails are probably a good place to start; but you might also want to consider having someone else teach her, or getting her together with other beginners to help her feel at ease. No matter how supportive, there’s nothing more demoralizing than starting an activity with a group and getting dropped in the first 10 seconds. :wink:

At The Norrawarren trailhead of the McIntosh Run system only the trails In-n-Out, Norra and Warren are rated green the West Pine is rated blue. I find these ratings to be quite accurate for this region.

Thank you for the Suggestions

What about the trails up to McDonald sport park? Rolling, flowy version of rails to trails, or shubie park? Or as others have suggested, brunello may be the best bet for introducing the trail aspect in a gentle way.

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Agreed. I think brunello is a great place to learn. Short but a little bit of everything

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I’ve been curious about the sports park I think I’m gonna check that out thank you

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MacDonald Sport park is definitely a good place for a beginner looking to move beyond crusher dust.

If Hemlock Ravine is still open to bikes it might be a good place to start.


I forgot about the ravine.

Shubie park would be a good spot. Smooth trails, ups downs and turns.

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Nine Mile is a pretty good trail for newbies. Lots of boardwalks which can be a bit intimidating, but pretty good flow.

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Yes, Hemlock is open to bikes, it’s all crusher dust/ gravel but it does have hills.
Tends to be a lot of walkers on the weekends and evenings.