Trail tools and techniques

Princess Auto has a BUNCH of decent looking Pulaski tools for like 30 bucks. Blue nylon/fiberglass type handles. Looks forged well enough at a quick glance. Buy them up so they keep them stocked!

Finding some stuff out on the tubes…

Any other favs/sites/links?

I picked up one of these, would love to swing it at your trail :slight_smile: … lding.html

Great trail hoe BN… did you order yours from their site? If so, what was the shipping?
Thanx for the link!

I use a cheap Princess Auto mattock for most trail grubbing, it has a 4" wide hoe 8" long. I found the pick end mostly got in the way so modified it by cutting the pick end off. If you keep the hoe end sharp it will cut through the roots prett easy up to a couple of inches in diameter, turn it on the side for raking soil around. The downside is it is pretty soft metal so you have to sharpen it often, I carry a coarse file to do touch-ups if needed.

Sweet! Keep it all coming, fellas!

hammer, extenda flip saw, mini shovel, loppers, shears, 4 ft pry bar.
when removing a tree, cut it at a 4 foot height give or take a few inches, take some loppers and cut away at roots in a circle shape around stump, use 4 feet of stump to lever itself out of hole, fill hole with rock and stomp some dirt on it.
nothing worse than fetching up or getting knocked of line by a turkey neck…

Hcht, that is an uber tip.


@Ken - I ordered from the site, I think shipping was near 30 bucks so by the time it got to my door it was around 70 canadian. Thing is a monster tho, I’m not mad at paying that much at all. I got the hoe, but i plan on getting one of the unbreakable rakes some day too.

Anyone use a come-a-long to drag logs/rocks?

I’ve used comealongs to move leaning trees in the direction I want them to fall when felling, but never for actually moving them. Usually just cut them into managable lengths (6’-8’) and huff them. Comealongs don’t really move things very far/fast with each ratchet of the crank. They are easy to attach to tree trunks but you’d have to get pretty creative to get them to hold onto a rock, a pry bar would probably be your choice there.

Or for moving rocks you can build a cradle out of chain and have many hands lighten the load.

Jeff, that would require friends. LOL

Bent, I’m thinking of moving huge deadfall in long enough pieces to build a bridge. Two logs about 12’ long. Might be a work crew thing as well.

Let me know when, I’ll come give a hand if I’m around

Cool. That trail is phase 2, off of the first loop.

rally, sounds like you need a logging winch. Porbably not feasable, but you might be able to rig somethin up like one of these, i’ve seen them done with nylon webbing instead of the metal hooks as well:

I’m thinking I might just buck up a few logs uphill fron the stream crossing and roll them downhill with a bar/rod.

I had the use of some cool tools like the one above when I worked at Hefler’s Mill back in the day. Also, the last time I hiked/scouted Second Lake with the wife, I found an old peavy head. Too cool.

rocks that are in the center of track.
you’ll need a shovel and pry bar. first take shovel, dig down and around edges of rock and find a bottom edge. take pry bar and lever it under edge of rock, with a little elbow grease it should pop out.
next up is the important part, fill hole with smaller rocks cover with some dirt and stomp it down.
end result should look like no work was ever done and it should be relatively smooth.

Nice, hcht. When we bought the house, it came with the sickest rock bar I ever saw. 6 feet long, SOLID, and a good point on one end, and a chisel on the other end. Might be because our property has so many rock walls.