Trail Work at MacDonald Sports Park

This is from Steve Saunders, who looks after our lovely MacDonald Sports Park. He MTB’s, and is trying to get something on the go there. I can’t commit to anything right now, but it would be great if folks could help out with this and show some interest. Also, Steve is an awesome guy.

*I will be working on a skill park for mtn bikers (entry to intermediate) McDonald Park in Waverley most SaT/Sun morning and some afternoons. I have to have a portion ready for bike week - June 8 and 9.
If anyone is interested in helping or can think of something that is a must for a new rider - re a skill venue…please feel free to respond. I only have about $700 to work with thus far but am still looking.
After this, I am seeking permission to start cutting permanent MB trails on the perimeter of the park. If we don’t get interest, we will lose this opportunity.

Steve S*

Beat me to posting this. I’m going to try to get out sometimes this weekend as well as in the future. We use MacDonald Park a fair bit for our weekly rides and certainly encourage anyone who has attended to get out and show some love to a great new section of singletrack we’ll be able to use.