Has anyone on here done the trail to bridgewater. Was thinking of doing next weekend. Was wondering what to expect.

Do you mean the rail trail?

Chain of Lakes Greenway
BLT Trail
St Margaret’s Bay Trail
Bay to Bay Trail
Dynamite Trail
Adventure Trail

Yes. The rail trail. I’ve hear a good place to start is the rail cafe or something like that.

The Train Station Bike and Bean in Tantallon, great spot to start and finish. Hard to say exactly what conditions are like all the way through but generally expect hard pack crusher dust or gravel, there may be soft or loose spots and areas where melt and rain have caused some washout. I’d say you want wide-ish tires, wouldn’t be fun on skinny road tires.

Yea that’s what I figured. I have good wide tires.
Is the trail fairly easy to follow. Seems like a lot of trails. Do they all connect. ?

Yes, the route is pretty straight forward, you’ll cross Highway 3 a few times, but it’s all the same rail road track. It’s been a few years for me but there is signage along the way. The whole route is marked and labeled on Google Maps.

In general it follows Highway 3 but there are some extended stretches that are remote, be sure to pack snacks and tools for mechanical problems.

Awesome. Thanks for the info

It’s a pretty easy ride, but some sections can get pretty boring–especially the Hubbards to East River stretch. Very easy to follow.

Also, for those that haven’t heard, the Train Station Bike & Bean was sold to a riding buddy of mine, Dan Flinn. Not only do they have great coffee, snacks and beer, Dan’s also started bringing in some more MTB-ish gear in the shop. Make sure you stop in!


Awesome. Will do