Trailflow race form

Hi I’m looking to do the trail flow dh race but I’m getting a drive there so I need to somehow get the waver thing that I have to get my parents to fill out does anyone know how to get that sheet online?

Have you tried contacting Trailflow? infoattrailflowdotca @TrailFlow @Pepperjester @MichelleLikesBikes


Not yet bud it I will call the # on their websit hen I get home


I’ll have the waiver put online for you right now. Give me 10 minutes :slight_smile:

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Thank you it will be on your website right

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And done!

You can get a link here to download the form, just print a copy and bring it with you to this weekends races.


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Thanks I just screenshot it on your website

How much does it cost?

Sorry, just saw this now, was in the woods all day yesterday.


Ok thanks