Trails 2010 thread

I guess I can’t edit my post right now for some reason… Full size images here: … 142010.jpg … google.jpg

Hey folks, last year I commented on trail conditions of the trails I had ridden. This year I have a new toy to play with. Posting maps and locations of the trails. First test Debert. Still don’t know what i’m doing with gps and software but messing around with it. More to come later.


All you GPS folks stay tuned - we’ve got a new feature coming soon that will knock your socks off!

Really? Sounds interesting. I can’t wait to map out all my favorite trails in victoria park.

Sounds like an addiction waiting to happen!

Update time, been slowly working on my map of Victoria Park in Truro. I’d estimate I have about 1/4 of them done so far. Today’s trip is the highlighted one starting in the main parking lot at the bottom and last trip started from a different entrance in princeton heights. Note to users, I marked the old bridge on it and it’s in really rough shape. It’s a long bridge that is through a swamp and many boards are rotten and missing. watch out for nails. Me and a few buddies are thinking about going in to reconstruct it sometime. … ay2010.gif … sjune3.jpg

Still working on the victoria park area map with all the trails beside the reservoir included. I’d say I’m getting closer. Figured out how to load it into google maps now. Not sure how to make it a single file yet if anyone is interested in including it on the trails section of the webpage.

Ok 4 or 5 trips later and i feel my map of victoria park is finished. Or finished enough for me. There are still a few short sections I’m sure I am missing. Now someone needs to tell me what type of file they need to be exported to in order to be useful on this sites trails section.