Trails in Digby?

Aaron, this place sounds awesome. You did a wonderful job of describing it and the many wonderful features of the island. A place worth visiting by the sounds of it.

We’re heading to the Digby/Yarmouth area for a little R&R. Are there any good trails in that area or should we take the road bikes?

Well, Barbara and I just got back from Brier Island with her parents. We all took our bikes, and I’m glad we did. Sue, it really is a great spot to vacation. Hidden gems everywhere. We took their RV and found a free campsite run by the town. It’s mowed and has two firepits. It’s on a dirt road called Lighthouse Road. Anyone in town can tell you where it’s at. Anywho, you should see the trails around there! We biked all over the island. We went to three lighthouses. There is rock all over the place. And there are ATV trails all around the island. We stayed on the trails because, a. They were great, and b. There are some neat plants around there. There are areas run by the Nature Conservancy that are teeming with succulents, pitcher plants, orchids and all kinds of neat stuff. I found a jawbone from a bear on the beach. Put that in my collection.
You can literally park at that nice quiet campsite and just use the bikes all weekend or however long you are there. We rode into town for baking powder and coffee. We rode up to the North Light, and the trails there go around the shore and let you see seals on the shoreline. Maybe the odd whale as well. Some of it reminds me of Whopper, but not as much of it. We biked all over the place on the weekend. There are little rock roads and trails that peter off into double track down to scenic little beaches and amazing bogs. It’s five bucks for each of the two ferries to get on the island, and it’s free to get off on the way back. And the people there are amazing. We had perfect weather as well.

Just look on Google at the island… We went down camp road at the western side of the island down to the little and big ponds. We were almost at the Gull Rock road. Should have kept going!