Transition bikes dealer in NS/NB

So Transition bikes website leads me to Idealbikes as the local dealer for their bikes. Does anyone know of any other shops in Nova Scotia or New Brunswick that can order frames? Ideal isn’t answering emails or fb messages to tell me if they can get frames or not. Lame

Your not getting rid Canfield are you? That would make me sad.

Not yet, but my back and knees are telling me it may be time to ditch the HT and get a little squish in the back.
Don’t worry I will be checking out the new Canfield Riot 29er before I pull any triggers.

I’ve sent an email to Transition to see if we can do something on our end. If no answer I’ll call them tomorrow to see what’s shaking.

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Thanks Mike!

Did you try calling Idealbikes?

Not yet. I’m looking for prices and availability of a specific frame/size at this point. It’s a long distance call on my cell from the Valley so I tried the internet routes first. (Cheap I know)

They probably don’t have a guy sitting in front of a computer waiting to answer e-mails and facebook queries. Maybe give them a day.


Mike did! Yay Mike!