Try a Bike on the Emera Oval

Bike the Emera Oval…
Come out to the Emera Oval and participate in a FREE Bike Basics course designed to teach starting and stopping, turning safely, and changing gears with confidence. Riders should be able to ride under controlled conditions but lack confidence to ride on the street. Bikes and helmets will be available at no cost for participants. Trained CAN-Bike instructors will lead the program. Open to participants aged 16 and older. There is no cost for participants. Registration is encouraged. To register, contact the Emera Oval at 490-2347 or any other HRM Community Recreation Centre. Or go online

August 2nd - 1pm-4pm
August 6th - 6pm-9pm
August 14th - 1pm-4pm
August 19th - 6pm-9pm
August 30th - 1pm-4pm

Indeed, we truly do take for granted how easy shifting gears is. I haven’t thought about it since i was 10… I forget how much some people do have to think about it.