Tues May 14 ride

Hey ya’ll.

I’m going to be in hrm Tues eve. Anyone up for a fight trail ride?

We are having the weekly ride, hadn’t decided where though. I’ll ponder this having it there.

Fight Trail sounds good to me Troy… :slight_smile:

What time?

I’ve put a call out to a few boys from Enfield… was thinking 6:30? Let me know if that works for you.

Just checked the weather… looks like more rain for tomorrow night. Don’t know if riding the trail in the rain would be prudent…

I’m good for 630. The trail is all rock isn’t it? Can’t see a little rain being bad.
Anyone else know different?

Maybe you should make this the weekly ride? There are a few wet spots, but they are not huge, depending what trails you ride. All the old stuff seems to stay the same, but I heard the new stuff was having a bit of work undone when people were riding it in the wet.

Weather sounds terrible for this evening. I think I am out unless I see a rainbow by 5pm.

It’s official then… ride postponed.

Weather looks good for this Tues. 28th.
Anyone riding? I will be in the hrm.

I might be able to get out around 7-730

Weekly Pedaltrout ride. Location TBD.

Weather man looks like he will be good to us this week. Excited for deets!!