Tumbleweed Fracture Update

So I just got back for X-ray number two and it looks like it’s healing fine and no need for surgery. He said I might lose a few degrees of range when full extending my elbow but not to much. Go back again in three weeks to verify at that time if he thinks I’ll be strong enough to start physiotherapy. Already itching to get back on the bike but I’ll have to wait a bit longer but all in all I’ll heal up fine! :stuck_out_tongue:


Great news, Chris!

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Great to hear! Now for the really important part… how’d the bike fair out? Is the fork alright?


Kind of… There is a good size gash in the lowers that may impact its integrity some. I think it would be fine if I was riding it on the things it was designed for but I keep ridding it like an enduro/DH bike and it’s not. So with that said I think it’s time to start thinking about a second bike that I can thrash around a bit harder and is better designed for that style of riding.

The question now is:
a) what bike
b) where do I find the funds to do so lol.

Sounds like a spin off topic.

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Yea. If/when I start actually looking for answers to those questions I would start a new thread :stuck_out_tongue: going to be a few months before I even start my search.

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I’ve been considering the RSD Middlechild. No idea where to start on the funds, though. Have you considered selling a kidney?

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So no riding in the valley with the NB crew tomorrow then. Lol

Sadly not. I also just realized I won’t be able to do the corn maze ride ether this year!! :frowning: :frowning:

It won’t be the same without you!

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