TV Series worth renting

Sue, I may look like a wuss for saying this, but if you value values in life, and like a good cry, I recommend the CBC series Heartland. I love it. And my other fave is Corner Gas. I’m such a good Canadian boy…

Winter seems like a good time to get hooked on a tv series (on DVD of course so it can be watched when the weather is miserable). I’m hunting around for a new series to start this year but I haven’t had television for so long that I really have no idea what’s worth watching.

I did the 6 Feet Under
series in its entirety twice now, and I’m afraid there’s nothing out there that will come close. Can anyone suggest something that might be similar in terms of combining quirky humour and over-the-top story lines? My vegging on the couch time is minimal so it has to be good!

Dexter for some more Michael C Hall action. Californication is also very entertaining.

Wow. I never made it past episode 2 of six feet under. I tried, but to no avail. Perhaps I should have endeavoured further?

That being said, I’m like you. I don’t have TV either. I went on a wee renting spree on the weekend. I tried True Blood (first 4 episodes). They’re not bad. Apparently, it gets waaaay better in the second season. I’m rather taken with Supernatural. It’s my kind of show. And there’s some real good pretty in it too! :wink: I have the first season on DVD. I also relish The IT Crowd. I find it hillarious…and some find it hillarious that I find it so hillarious. LOL. It’s British humour, so just be warned. I think I have the first three seasons? Something like that. Anyways, you’re welcome to them anytime you’d like. I’m out your way fairly regularly, so I can always drop 'em off too.

Bones is also good. I’ve seen the first two seasons. You might like that.

Aaaannnndddd… if you discover a really good show, let me know as I’m also looking for something to watch over the holidays. Not to mention when it’s too gross to venture out and cuddling up on the couch is the best route to take. :slight_smile:

Stacy,** 6 Feet Under** is easily one of the best series I’ve ever seen but you do need to let yourself develop a bit of a relationship with the characters and you definitely need to appreciate offbeat drama.

rome was really good if a bit boody/gorey but sure has it’s quirky humour and the way the lead characters end up having such a pivotal role in the course of roman history. oh and the high sexual content was not so bad either. place winky eye here.

Six feet under was one of the best tv shows ever made. Check out Big Love, Dexter, Weeds and Carnival. I think Carnival is by the Six Feet under writer or writers. Jenn and I don’t watch alot of tv either. We will rent a season of something and see if we like it. If we do we rent every season.

Don’t RENT anything. Many cool dvd’s can be borrowed from your public library. You may have to be on a waiting list, but it’s free.

I reccommend the series DEADWOOD for any fans of westerns.

Yeah, I get all of my videos from the library too. Don’t waste your time going in to look for them. Reserve them online and arrange for the pickup to be whatever library is most convenient. I used to pick all of my stuff up at the woodlawn branch but jusyt recently changed it to the William Spry branch.