Two short videos

I thought I would share two short videos that I did recently.

Blooper Reel

Mother’s Day

Blooper reel 1:12…fantastic.

“Piece of Cake!!”

Trail looks awesome, and great edit. Thanks for sharing.

Where is that trail?

I would totally love to ride NFLD if it all looks like this!!!

shea heights, in st John’s near cape spear

Yea its in Shea Heights on the way to Cape Spear from St. John’s. This was my first time there and I’m looking forward to going back. Hopefully I will stay out of the bushes . . . but then again thats part of the fun. Well . . . its more fun watching your buddies fall into to bushes as in 1:12. There are quite a mixture of trails in and around St. John’s. I took quite a bit of video last year, but this year I have my ION Air that will give the 1st person perspective.

Would love to see more. When are you down this way? I should have a bike to loan you if you need one.

I loved the mothers day video… :slight_smile:

Here is the link to MTB playlist. Lots of stuff from last year, over the winter and some from this year. All the trails are around St. John’s.

My last trip to Halifax was a little crazy, hopefully my next one will allow some leisure time. :slight_smile: