Underground Race/Happening April 7th

It’s time for a little friendly competition to see who has kept their fitness and others like me, who well…haven’t. Anyone can particpate, and you can use any kind of bike.

This is a Double Toonie Happening ($4.00 entry fee). I’ll post up more information Wednesday evening…

Location: Laurie Park (At Grand Lake on Route 2. The park is 10 km ( 6 mi.) north of Highway 102, Exit 5. Our civic address is: 4949 Hwy # 2, Grand Lake.)
Date: April 7th
Time: Registration 7:00 - 7:30pm Race starts at 7:45pm
Prize: Cash - based on the number of participants.

Elimination format. The course is a paved path with short climbs and some twists and turns. All types of bikes are welcome. Whether MTB or Road bike, each will have it’s advantages. The number of participants will define the exact format, but it an elimination format where the top three riders will receive a cash prize. The actual amount will depend upon how many riders there are.

This is a for-fun-event. The winners will get a some money in their pocket, and bragging rights. The rest of us will get an awesome ride in and hang out with other riders!

How many riders at a time? Is this like head-to-head or time trial, or something else?

sounds fun! but why must you guys do everything in the dark!? lol

Hey all!

The format. Great question. Depends on the number of riders. We plan to do a crit format, dropping the last rider if under 10 participants. Otherwise, there will be heats.

At night, well that is because there is less issues with other trail users. But I do have two helmet lights available for use. Just let me know, so I can charge them!

I would love to get in on this but don’t think I will be able to make it, hopefully next time!

I am coming with 2 others. Looking forward to it.

Sounds like fun. Just did a running race this morning though, so the legs are well worn out.

Might need an extra set of eyes during the happening if you are around.

I plan on going.

@Ian: do it anyway, call it a brick workout.

Gives me a fighting chance… :slight_smile:

First time out this season, sounds like fun

Great time tonight! Thanx to Mike and Anthony for putting on a good event…

Congrats to the winner as well… down to the wire.

@riderx: Thanks for organizing the event. It was a lot of fun.

My wife spotted a pair of MTB gloves on the side of the road as we were leaving. We picked them up so if anyone lost a pair PM me with the description just so I make sure they get back to the rightful owner.

That was some impressive riding overall by everyone. The road bikes certainly claimed the podium.

Thanks for coming out everyone and glad you enjoyed it!

Anyone have a GPS track of the course? Would like to see it / know the lap distance. My computer has a wireless receiver and it got jammed by my light.

My GPS tracked showed approximately 1.5km loops. The elevation profile from my GPS was very poor though, it showed a steady descent for the whole time.

Surely to heck someone used strava :slight_smile:

Super, thanks.

I have a video in progress of editing. I will have it posted by the end of the week!

I have been away from the proper tools to edit and/or post videos for the past little bit.