Underground Winter Racing/Rides

If need be I can actually ride the Norco Charger with the seat post maxed out and the seat pushed right back.

Two races down and more on the way! Stay tuned for updates coming soon!

Last year there were some underground rides/races at various locations throughout HRM. They were invite only and were last minute affairs. They will continue this year in 2013 and if you want in on the action,email me and I’ll forward it on to the proper person.

The format:

**Where: ** To Be Announced via email - all courses have some singletrack, doubletrack (gravel sections) and of course ascending and descending. Not overly technical unless otherwise stated.

**When: ** AT NIGHT! Gotta have good lights and nerves of steel!

Cost: 4.00 per person/per race

**Prize: ** Fastest rider take half the pot - that simple

Riders receive an email two to three days before the race/ride.

Riders get to see the course only just before the race.

Two riders sprint at a time.

One shot deal - fastest time wins.

Rumour is that other prizes may be scrounged up for series winners. There are hopes to have 6 races this winter. The weather and conditions will be the ultimate factors.

This was not an elitist race series, much more a friendly winter competition.

I like it. Assuming I ever get to have a chance to get out for a ride these days, ha ha.

There’s always a bike ready for you!