Uniacke Trails Association- Rails to Trails Project

Uniacke Trails Association is in their infancy right now. They have been created with a mandate to convert the old DAR railway into trail in the Mt. Uniacke area (12km or so) to multi-use trail (including ATV’s and snowmobiles). There is a larger plan also in the works to have the rail from Windsor Junction to Windsor converted.

Some of the details are at www.uniacketrailsassociation.ca. You can sign up to stay up to date.

Imagine, you can ride to the Irishmans Road trails or to the Foster trails in Uniacke Estates. Do the Hollywood Loop without the Trunk 1 traffic. Make a larger Bear Scare loop, and other endless possibilities.


The email sign up on the website now works. I don’t know what moron made that website.


I was hoping to get to the meeting last night, but ended up stuck in the city longer than expected.
Did anyone from the site attend? Can they provide a synopsis of what was discussed?

There was one other MTBer there as he lives in the community and has been involved since the beginning. Also the President is a cyclist. My Dad. The meeting was not filled with any good juicy content. Some administrative stuff to form the association. Debates about quarum, number of directors, etc. All exciting things. We have now got Officers and Directors who are official. I’m the Secretary for some reason. There were dog people, ATV people, one horse person, and a few recreational cyclists. ATV’s make the majority, and I’m ok with that. It’s Mount Uniacke, and it’ll never happen without them out here. The trail is also going to be an important link for ATVs between the Beaverbank area and Bowater, Three Mile Plains area. This association is still in it’s infancy.


Thanks for the update, Doug.

Sounds good. I’ve got no issues with ATVs if the behavior and approach is consistent with what I’ve experienced on the St. Margaret’s Bay and Celtic Shores rail trails. Honestly, when I was on the Celtic Shores trail from the Causeway to Inverness this summer, there were 2 different groups of ATVers doing trail maintenance the day we were riding it. We wouldn’t have a lot of these types of trails without them.

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