Upcoming Weekend Rides

Yes it’s early to post a weekend ride, but I’d thought I’d spread the word.

Where: Gore
When: Saturday noon, Sunday 10am

I have never ridden Gore but I am up for a 10am Sunday ride. I heard great things about this trail system. Where do we meet? Is there directions to the trail head somewhere?

I suspect there will be as many as 4 of us

I’ll be there Sun. Thanks for the notice!

I will post directions later today/tomorrow.

I’m possibly in. love riding gore

The ride is being led by Tom k.

So this is an open to all Gore ride? Are they doing a more of these thru the summer to generate 6 hours of Gore hype?

Open ride just for kicks… But Agoraphobia is coming up…

I won’t make either of these but am planning to ride. Probably in HRM.

Any info on this one yet? Particularly directions to the trail head

mr mud i don’t have the directions link but worse case is you just follow me or tom up on sunday since we all live in the same area. or meet at the petro can in elmsdale and follow from there.

Sounds good to me. Name the time and place

Sounds like fun but I have a race on Sunday. No killing myself on Saturday is the usual rule.

I would lke to meet someone who knows the directions to the trail so I can follow them there. How about we meet at the PetroCan in Elmsdale? The one by the Superstore. Name a time

as usual my plans are still in a bit of a state of flux. so here is what i recomend. go to the petro can gas station in front of the super store at the elmsdale exit for 9:25. wait patiently and hope we show up. plan b follow the cars with bikes. back to plan a send me your phone number so i can call you and make sure we do show up.

Since you are not sure if you are going and we really do not have a clue where the trail is,I guess we will have to opt out.

One of these we’ll get there. We’ve been trying for three years now only to have our plans fall through at the last minute every time. Grrrrrrrrrr…

Fight Trail at 9;30 anyone?

Use this link for direction. I’m sure you can navigate fine to the first point. I use a different route to get there than anyone else, so I won’t give road directions. But here is where the trail head is where you’ll find us. goo.gl/maps/vbdUp

to be clear we are going. there will be a fairly large group in fact. just not clear on the travel arrangments. i strongly encourage you to go. goggle maps to gore. this will get you within a mile or so of the trail. there are still race signs up along the way. when you turn onto the road for gore you will quicly come up on the right to the blois family farm lots of large blue buildings. there is a dirt road that goes thru the fields behind the farm and up to the a frame at the back of the property where we park


Looking forward to it. See you at the Petro Can at 9:30. I have directions from Google maps too

For years I have been hearing about Gore and finally had a chance to ride there for the first time today. What a fantastic set of trails! Fast and so flowy. Even the uphills were fun. We had a great time! Thanks for having us.