Upgrade to bearing style dropper remote

The cable for my dropper is starting to fray. This will be the 3rd time I’ve had to replace it, so I figure it’s time to upgrade from the stock dropper remote on my bike. Anyone have suggestions for a good one? I used a wolftooth remote on a rental bike and really liked it. Open to other suggestions.

Also, if anyone has one laying around, I might take it off your hands.

Wolftooth and PNW both make nice remotes.

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Really digging the Hope remote. Great quality and lever feel.

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The new Hope lever looks pretty sweet.

I hadn’t thought of Hope before. Where did you order that from?

Got it from @a.mart at Granite!


I’m happy with my OneUp dropper remote, might even have a V2 remote that I could part with if you’re interested.

+1 for OneUp levers


I’ve heard of that guy. Does granite have anything in stock @a.mart ?

Lots of stuff in stock in regards to OneUp and I order fairly regularly as well if something obscure is needed. As far as the Hope levers go they are a bit trickier to get as the distributor in Canada has some stricter rules around orders. But shoot me a PM or an email at granitesuspension(at)gmail.com and we can get you some prices and sorted out. Oneup is currently doing a sale on most of their components including handle bars, edc, etc but excluding dropper posts. And I can offer the same pricing as they do both on my instock inventory and special orders. It’s an excellent time to oneup your bike!


Email sent. Thanks.