Used gear

So, after starting this thread about getting back into riding, I have determined that a mountain bike/gravel bike is the best bet for me, and my lifestyle.

With that being said - all of the decent bikes seem to start at $1000-1200, which is a little out of reach right now, as I dont want to dump a ton of money into a hobby that may not “stick”.

So - where should I be looking for used gear? Kijiji is, well… Kijiji, so I would like to avoid if possible. I am on a couple of FB groups for uses gear, but nothing of interest has really surfaced in the last month or so.

Worth asking - if anyone on this site has a bike they are looking to part ways with, please shoot me a PM.

How tall are you and what’s your budget?

I am 5’10 - 5’11.

Budget would be in the $500-700 range

The facebook group “Bike gear for sale - maritime region” is one of the best.

Thanks! Thats actually one of the groups I am in. Seems like all of the good stuff pops up from sellers in NB.