Vic park trip

Thinkin about taking a day off for a vic park trip this week. Let me know if anyone else is interested

I have wednesday off. Need to take the car to the mechanic for an appointment first thing, but would be game for an afternoon rip up there. What day/time were you thinking?

Yeh that should work for me. The earlier the better for me but I can work around your schedule. Whenever you’re ready to go is good for me.

It should be a matter of in-and-out as it is a safety on a new vehicle. Hopefully should only be there a couple hours. Would aiming for your around lunch time be ideal? Ill send you my cell information for cordination

Yeh that should for me. Just have to be home by about 4pm. So that should still give us plenty time

@SQUATCH @rmacgregor9 what does your schedule look like Wednesday?

I should be good in theory per my current calendar to do 1.5 or 2hrs pending nothing pops up

I should note there is a group ride at 6:15 that night that I’ll probably also attend lol

Itll be a warm-up for you. 1.5-2hrs max would be good

Yeh 1.5hr to 2hr ride is perfect

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Where did you want to meet tomorrow, upper parking lot?

Yeh sure. By upper do u mean by skills park or the pipeline?
Pm your # so we can get in contact tomorrow. What time we meeting for? Or do u not know until your car is ready?

i have to be home for 3:30 for my afternoon calls at work

Meeting today at 11am pipeline parking lot if anyones interested in hitting up vic today


work duties have changed for the day few mandatory calls starting an hour from now :frowning: i just sent an IM to Travis with a suggested route

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another good route

pipeline> B&B >flow trail>cooked > stacked (reverse) >panda (reverse) >nighttrain (reverse) > treesum > slim shady > trashtalking >mcabe > hawk >pipeline

you can do dive in if your feeling feisty

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Thanks man. Ill snap shot that. Strongly debating going back this weekend. Had a blast today


that ones a bit more pedaling trail to trail, but i find flows a bit faster when on the trail directionally specifically on night train/panda and stacked.

the wall rides off stacked, and the jumps are impossible to miss if thats your kind of thing. on mcabe.

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