Victoria Park-Single track is Open (UPDATE)

Hi all,
Just a friendly notification that for the time being (2 weeks before reassessment?) ALL singletrack in Victoria Park will be CLOSED to bike traffic to prevent damage and allow for necessary pre -season maintenance.
The park is wet and with all the rain in the forecast it will be some time before trails will be dry enough to ride. Please respect the wishes of the Trail Crew, they work very hard to provide us with awesome MTB trails to ride.

Happy trails folks!


Why not close it down to all traffic except trail maintenance folks.

Likely will be, just at current bikes were topic of discussion. I will update as more updates come.


Nice to hear. Is there a FB page to find out about helping out with the maintenance?

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Most single track is now open and drying nicely. HOWEVER, there is serious dammage to a few trails where selfish people decide to ride regardless. At least 3 trails are similar in condition to this with no paid trail crews maintaining the trails due to Covid restrictions. Shameful.



Ugh! Yeah, that’ll take a little work to hammer out. :man_facepalming:t3:

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