Victoria's Secret Mountain Bike Race

Updated our calendar with more information on the first MTB race of the year.

Always a great course, and top notch organizing!

Does anyone have more info on this one? What is the break down of classes and the race length/time for each? etc… Any additional info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

There’s a facebook page, too, that might give some info

STOKED! Not in shape, but whatever!

Wife might jump in the citezen cat, or even C cat this year and try it out.

In terms of the race length, I think the laps are around 10k and I understand there is a mix of singletrack and crusher dust trails with some climbs that challenge fitness more so than technical ability.

I expect the time of the racing for each of the cats should work out roughly as follows:
Citizens: 1/2 h
C: 1 h
B: 1.5 h
A: 2 h
But obviously the people in A will be riding much faster than those in Citizens.

The advice I have received is to make your best guess based on how long you think you can ride at race effort. Racing MTB is much different from road because if you get dropped from the lead group, who cares? It’s not like your speed will drop substantially when you are out of the draft. If you have good technical ability you can obviously make up some for fitness, but I have been told this course is roadie-ish. Of course, the people who said that were pretty proficient technically, so their idea of a roadie-ish course might be different from mine.

I have minimal technical ability but sufficient fitness to race for 1.5 h so I am thinking B (I am at about C to B level on road). Unless I wimp out and cat down so I don’t come dead last.

Just keep in mind road fitness is different from upper body fitness. I only know because I seem to have neither right now.

I know my buddy Zach on team Java Blend races A in road, but he does B in the woods. Whichever route you go, this is sure to be fun times. There are a few good punchy climbs in there, and one decent DH section. It is a fast course, for sure.

Go for the B cat Adam. Guarantee you wont finish last.

Good point. I have minimal upper body fitness, and certainly expect to crash numerous times on ridiculously easy portions of the course and run up some very gentle slopes (as Turple and bent can attest). Double plus good that I don’t have to declare my Cat until Sunday so I can select how much humiliation I can withstand (assuming the weather stays good so I enter it at all … in racing one must always prepare numerous excuses ahead of time :lol:).

Looking forward to seeing some trouts there.

Thanks for the vote of confidence. Cheque’s in the mail.

Thanks for the info guys, this was exactly the type of detail I was looking for, now it’s time to decide my category… B or C…hmmmm?


Thanks for the vote of confidence. Cheque’s in the mail.[/quote]

I tried to take back my KOM on Greenhill and worked super hard. I have no doubt that you are ready young Jedi.

Sorry to let you all down, but I’m out. I rode the course last night and I need to spend a lot more time in the woods before I can mix it up in a race.
Good luck to all riders and thanks to the organizers / volunteers.

Meh, ride anyways!

DOODE! Don’t look at it that way. Racing IS spending more time in the woods. Just race C or even try out the new Citizen cat. You might even love it! You can always move up as you get better, and you’ll know more how things work/operate when you do start getting more serious. No surprises on the big debut.

Either way, it’s up to you. Even just to be in the atmosphere and soak it all up. It’s a royal hoot. Hope you are riding something somewhere this weekend regardless. :slight_smile:

This was posted on the fb site:

OK, so, that was a HOOT! Big thank you’s to Bruce, Daisy, Stacey, Matt, all the other volunteers, and all the racers for such an awesome time. I had a blast, as did my wifey.

Did a decent ride on Grey Mountain in Falmouth with a riding buddy. I had a ton of fun, so don’t worry about me not getting into the woods. :slight_smile:

Hope everyone’s race went well!

Great race! Very well attended and the weather was perfect. Lots of great action. The course was prime! Huge shout out to Bruce Roberts and Daisy Roberts and all the volunteers that made it happen!

Don’t forget this is the first of many races this season. Next weekend we have a choice of Agoraphobia XC race at Gore, and the first DH race at the Gorge. Another great weekend in the making!