Vintage MTB ride?

Naw, man! Keep it original! Do that to the newer stuff, like the cruiser. Original paint shows a history, the patina, the trail scars. Just clean it real well and polish it up a bit.

Who’s up for it sometime in the future? If ya gots an old MTB, it might be fun to meet somewhere and do an old school ride and have post refreshments. I know it’s gotta be more than just me and RiderX with highly outdated rides. Maybe meet at Shubie park or somethuing and ride Spider?

I’d have to say heck yeah!!!

I have a few bikes to choose from…

Nothing post-vee brakes allowed?

I’m sticking some salmon Kool-stops on my old canti’s as I write this, but if it’s a “vintage” disc set, well… maybe. I was thinking more from the start of real purpose built and sold mtb’s to the end of elastomers and vee’s. If has machined/anno bits, thumbies, or bar ends, it might be allowed. Seriously, there is no era police here though. Just for fun :slight_smile:

There are many variations of ‘Vintage bikes’. I’ve upgraded my 90’s lava dome, but left my Breezer and Fisher Mountain Bike era correct. I’m always eager to see older bikes regardless of build. I say everyone with vintage bike is welcome!

Jim K bring one of your dales!

To me, it sounds more like a fully rigid but wicked fun time.

Imma put some cheap knobbies on my old steel trek and fix the brakes :slight_smile:

Yes. Do it! I say we ring in October with a nice old school ride with some singletrack and fireroad mixed in for good measure! Get that Trek mobile! I also have some cheap knobbies in my basement. Kenda rip-offs of the Panaracer Smoke.

Hmm - Mountain Goat with Softride stem and Paul Cantis set up SS, Norco Torrent with Suntour shifters and XMO fork or the Catamount? Wait…all my bikes are vintage now :wink:

I would be up for this if the ride was at a chill pace and the trails were dry.

That’s the plan, man! Brink a couple riding buddies so we can see all those old scoots!


definitely chill! The trails…well we might have to wait for a few good days.

Maybe combine it with another ride???

not opposed to the idea. What are you thinking?

Links, perhaps? Just a thought. It’ll be daytime, and hopefully dried up a bit.

I was really looking forward to ripping those downhill trails on my Norco Fluid…

How many others interested in this could make it Monday?

Is the Breezer up and running now?

not yet. might become a winter project.

I still have a rigid threaded fork with canti/v-brake mounts. Yours for free, if interested… It’s actually pretty half decent.

Got the fork, just pondering painting the frame before installing it.