Visiting PEI for the first time in June/July

There is some nice singletrack in the Brookvale Park. They hosted the Canada Games Mountain Biking there in 2009 I think it was. No maps online that i can find but a sign at the entrance that I snapped a picture of with my phone as a reference… I take my bike there when I travel for work and usually find someone in the parking lot that takes me for a tour… Have fun!!! Try MacQueens Bike shop or Smooth Cycle for group ride info… and I agree Murrdogg would be a great source of info.

Hello everyone! I’ll be coming up to the Point Prim area of PEI from New Hampshire the last week of June for a family vacation. I’m hoping to bring either my mountain bike or cross/road bike (or both) up with me, but have no idea what the riding is like. From what I’ve seen online, you seem to have a great cycling community up there. I’m looking for opinions on what/where to ride when I’m up there. I’d also be especially greatful if there were a group ride I could hop onto, or if someone was willing to give me a tour of some local singletrack. I’ll even bring the beer :slight_smile:



well hello… nice to see some fresh faces… pei is a great place for a vaca… nice choice.
mind you i have not been on a vacation in some time…
they got a local club to the island their site is
i am not sure if any of their members are on here on a regular basis.
try there for a little more info…

i am sure many riders would welcome a new face …

Send a mesage to Murrdogg as well - I believe he’s from PEI and still spends a fair bit of time there.