Volunteers needed for MRWA( McIntosh Run Watershed Association) trail building

Need volunteers, for two trail build days on Saturday, Sept 3 and Sunday Sept 11? We’ll start at 8:30am and work until around 12:30. Location below
Work will include pruning, carrying lumber, clearing already-cut brush, grubbing the trail tread and moving rocks. We may also be building bridges and boardwalks.

Some tools are available, but volunteers should bring their own trail tools if they have them (loppers, mattocks and pulaskis in particular).

We’ll meet at the corner of Norawarren Drive and Reginald, at the mailbox on Norawarren. The civic address is 37 Norawarren – although there is no house yet at that address.


25 k of trails altogether. Right now we are working on a beginner loop. Eventually to connect to Fight trail.
Russ Deveau (adventuer)


Sounds interesting.

I’ll be there. Anyone else going?

Yes Rolls. There are three people from this group going plus the some others. Thanks for volunteering…
Part of the work for tomorrow will be to start on two boardwalks plus trail building.

I would be in but have Zoe to watch. If you need loppers or anything @Rolls let me know.

@JeffV yeah I’ll grab them in the morning. Leaving around 8. Thanks