Walmart Fat Bike

Yup, that’s right. Walmart has a fat Bike for $199.99. I guess that means the genre is completely legit if Walmart *usa only, has a model for sale.

There have been other discussions on this, but figured I’d start one here as well.

I actually did get to see one on my trip and it certainly would need a diet, and to be rebuilt to ensure safe operation.

I’m probably one of five people on the planet that realize right away that this is not a ‘fat tire mountain bike’. Just for kicks I went to and you get to it by choosing ‘cruiser’ bikes, not ‘mountain bikes’. But yah, lets all freak out.

“like riding an asthmatic child” - I spit my drink when I read that.

Aye, but squash that rear triangle down to 135mm, bolt on a derailleur hanger, and Bob’s yer uncle. LOL. Maybe I should buy one and gear it up with my 10 speed junk. Might need some bolt-on canti mounts though, if I wanted to stop.