Want to build your own MTB-specific rollers while in isolation?

This is damn cool. A friend sent it to me.


I watched that today, they are gnarly :rofl:

Bonus points if you do this while living above someone in an apartment


Cool as hell, but probably a little more involved than I want to get into right now. :grin: maybe for the next pandemic.

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That helmet was made for living rooms.

Very industrious dude. His music is nice too.

I predict at some point he is going to crash into a living room wall.

The whole way through all I could think was that he needed a bike powered lathe!

Regretting not picking up that tread mill I saw on the side of the road with “FER FREE” written on it in sharpie. Would have made for some fun apocalyptic scavenging and tinkering to rig up for a bike